• Advanced Optical Systems

    Advanced Optical Systems, Inc. (AOS) is a corporation operating in Huntsville, AL that has been supporting the US federal government (DOD, NASA, DARPA) with intelligent imaging solutions for the past 27 years. AOS has developed a game-changing non-contact fingerprint solution called ANDI On The Go (OTG) that recently became the first non-contact fingerprint device to be certified by the FBI. ANDI OTG is specifically designed to address the security, identity and throughput concerns that are unique to TSA, CBP, and international border security organizations. In addition to ANDI OTG, AOS offers a complete line-up of commercially available non-contact fingerprint biometric products.

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  • Augmentiq

    Augmentiq works with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border security. Augmentiq provides consultancy and strategic advice to design strategies, mitigate threats and build capabilities to enhance security at ports, airports and international borders.

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  • CAE-Aviation

    CAE-Aviation is a company specialized in 4 main domains in aerial work: Aerial surveillance and reconnaissance, geophysical survey, military para-dropping, and the sale and maintenance of gyrostabilized cameras from L3-Wescam.

    CAE-Aviation is the European leader in providing full Airborne Ground Surveillance and Reconnaissance Services. Over the last three years we have carried out more than 22.000 hours of discrete aerial surveillance, with long-range real time image downlink.

    The company owns and operates 23 aircraft dedicated to air support. We operate MX10, MX15 and MX 20 WESCAM gyrostabilized gimbals, Vision map, AGOMS moving map systems, and radars. We also provide and integrate complete self-supporting image intelligence packages. Our ISR capabilities cover a wide range of applications: For example Border control, Maritime survey, Anti piracy operations, Fire detection and monitoring, confirmation of danger zone clearance

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  • Crossmatch

    Crossmatch helps organizations solve their identity management challenges through biometrics. Our enrollment and authentication solutions are trusted to create, validate and manage identities for a wide range of government, law enforcement, financial institution, retail and commercial applications. Our solutions are designed using proven biometric technologies, flexible enrollment and strong multi-factor authentication software, and deep industry expertise. We offer an experienced professional services capability to assess, design, implement and optimize our identity management solutions for a customer’s individual challenges. Our products and solutions are utilized by over 200 million people in more than 80 countries.

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  • De La Rue

    De La Rue has a long, proven record of leading the way in identity management and security solutions. We produced our first passport in 1915, and have been a key player in the field ever since. Investing and instigating ever more sophisticated, comprehensive and customer-friendly solutions for the identity security.

    As the leading long-established and trusted name in the market, we have strong relationships with the key organisations that come together to make global identity security a reality.

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  • Défense Conseil International

    Reference operator of the ministry of Defence for the international transfer of the French military know-how to France friendly countries armed forces, Défense Conseil International (DCI) group has been operating across all the defence and security spectrum for more than 40 years. Holding the “French Armed Forces Training” label, DCI is offering tailor-made services in the fields of consulting, training and technical assistance.

    DCI-NAVFCO, the naval branch of DCI, has competencies over the following areas: academic training, surface ships, submarines, naval aviation, maritime safety, military divers, special forces and mine warfare. It can address all training, assistance and expertise needs for coast guards and navies as well as all requirements regarding maritime security and action of state at sea.

    DCI also trains air crews in the use of sensors from data acquisition to date processing. Training can be delivered on the ground and in the air, and can be complemented by operational support.

    DCI light aircraft equipped with the latest generation sensors offers a flexible fly-by-the-hour service

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    EASP AIR is a Dutch aviation company and expertise centre in the field of special mission aircraft operations, Maritime Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) support.

    The ‘airborne support’ product mainly concentrates on offering maritime surveillance and ISR flights with special mission aircraft as well as on training and consulting on Maritime Security and ISR issues.

    Maritime Surveillance (full) service and airborne support are offered in the following ways:
    1. By the deployment of special mission aircraft and crews on the basis of specific concepts of operations. In practice, this means the on-lease/lease of planes and the crews ‘per flying hour’.
    2. By offering (mission) project management and consultancy in the field of integration of procedures and concepts of (covert) operations. Mission prediction analysis, data analysis and big data handling / processing support are our specialization.

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  • GMV

    For over 25 years, at GMV we have been working with our defence industry customers providing systems with innovative, scalable and easily-maintained solutions developed under strict quality standards for meeting the most demanding needs.
    GMV provides solutions for a wide variety of markets, enabling defence-industry developments to also benefit from the technology and knowledge transfer that results in a more extensive and robust offer. GMV’s activity in the defence and security field focuses on the following areas:
    • C4ISTAR command and control systems
    • Data and signal processing, intelligence systems
    • Simulation
    • Military space applications, GPS, EGNOS and Galileo applications
    • Integrated access- and presence-control and surveillance and security systems
    • Border surveillance systems (among others, GMV is providing Frontex since 2010 up to nowadays with services for the design, development, deployment, maintenance and evolution of the EUROSUR Communication Network)
    • Emergency and crisis management centres, 112 centres
    • Tracking and management systems for security forces’ vehicles and personnel
    Our developments are supported by an exceptional team and the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2000, EN 9100, PECAL/AQAP 2110, PECAL/AQAP 2210 and certification CMMI Level 5.)

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  • HiperSfera

    MALE RPAS solution for various data intensive applications developed by HiperSfera company can play a critical role in Border Surveillance Systems, Disaster Management, Search and Rescue operations as well as Poaching/Illegal Lodging/Trafficking Monitoring, etc. Multi-platform aspect of HiperSfera airship technology caters to a portfolio of possible applications enabling social, political and economic synergy of various global collaborations among governmental, academia and corporation actors.

    We are creating an airship (UAV) that is designed for a slow flight or hovering, for all-weather long-endurance operations and mission specific payloads. As such, Hipersfera fleet of airships can perform as a cluster of robust industrial-grade payload platforms in a reliable, safe and also commercially viable way for extended periods of time (up to 24/7/365). A fleet can leverage its operational altitude, endurance and payload capability through continuous imaging, directly connecting a physical reality of large portions of the ground with the internet, with unmatched spatial resolution (down to a few cm per pixel) and revisit times (down to 1 second).

    What makes our solution unique? There is currently no equivalent commercially available, viable and cost effective solution for the generic airborne platform in a long-endurance, 100kg/10kW payload class. The ability to position a payload above area of interest at a fixed point, high above ground, in a reliable, safe and cost-effective manner, for an extended period of time can also provide with a turnkey service supporting early detection and surveillance of migrants on the EU external border.

    Also as a telecom platform, a fleet of moored HS airships can serve as a broadband network with 10Gbps+ cell “towers” (persistently hovering airships), significantly outperforming traditional, mast based network infrastructure. HS telecom solution offers 90%+ reduction in number of ground infrastructure, resulting in significant savings in network operational expenses, faster network roll-out; on-demand network capacity upgrade; and continuously active geographical distribution of available network capacity.

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    Indra is a global consulting, technology, innovation and talent company. It is on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services for the Security and Defence, Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Financial Services, and Telecom and Media sectors.

    Indra operates in more than 128 countries and has more than 42,000 employees worldwide. Indra is one of the top European companies in its sector in terms of R&D&i, with more than €500 million invested in the last three years.

    Indra is second-to-none in the design, deployment and integration of complex systems in the security sector, notably for border surveillance and automated border control, critical infrastructure protection, and emergency & crisis management.

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  • New Century

    New Century is a leading provider of bespoke and cost-effective specialist intelligence, police and military skills training worldwide. Our highly experienced Subject Matter Experts design and deliver proven capacity-building and institutional reform to agencies globally, helping to meet foreign policy and law enforcement objectives.

    New Century is currently undertaking complex security-related projects in multiple continents, enabling and enhancing the organisational capability of internationally recognised governments. In turn, these administrations benefit from enhanced public confidence and transformed levels of law and order. We have successfully provided continuous and effective programmes for our largest client, the United States Government, for nearly ten years.

    Founded in 2006, New Century provides specialist training in security sector reform. Our Subject Matter Experts are leading practitioners in their chosen fields, typically with law enforcement, military and policy-making backgrounds. Their experience spans the spectrum of network attack and nexus targeting in order to enhance public safety. This unique pool of resource enables us to construct teams comprising the blend of skills necessary to meet individual client objectives. Our programmes are delivered within the context of human and gender rights and promote ethical professional development.

    New Century offers solutions that counter and disrupt security threats emanating from the destructive activities of terrorist, insurgent, criminal, narcotic and other networks that undermine a stable society. NC’s approach leads to effective nexus targeting, using all sectors to attack such networks. We create a viable and sustainable framework, based upon doctrine that can continue to be applied and tuned over time to maintain a functional, auditable and accountable intelligence management system.

    The know-how we transfer has resulted in the reshaping of numerous host nation law enforcement and other public sector agencies. We have enhanced and evaluated levels of proficiency within multiple client organisations, resulting in improved levels of security, stability and professional standards.
    Our SMEs deliver effective intelligence techniques through a range of methods including skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), doctrine, institutional capacity-building and tailored security solutions.

    Our aim is to enhance the capabilities of governments and their agencies to penetrate and dislocate these networks through the introduction of training and mentoring techniques and practices proven in other conflict and challenging environments.

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  • SAP

    As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable approximately 310,000 business and public sector customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

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    Since 1984 advanced technological systems for the National Security Secom is in the field of electronic systems, developing innovative IT solutions for security. Secom is the IT partner of the Italian Ministry of Interiors (State Police) , Ministry of Defence (Arma dei Carabinieri ), Guardia di Finanza.

    The company's major effort is to develop innovative technologies and solutions.

    The R&D Department has worked together with the most qualified National and International Scientific Organizations and Institutes.

    The specialization areas in which Secom has conceived, projected and developed high technology products concern essentially the following fields:

    • MULTISOURCE BIOMETRIC DB “HI-SECOM” - Human Identification - A.F.I.S.

    Acquisition of personal data of the person arrested;
    Capture photo, front and profile in a single click;
    Electronic capture of fingerprints;
    Search in centralized databases (example A.F.I.S. - Automatic fingerprints investigation system).

    Human Identification - It’s a complete human identification solution (civil and criminal), which integrates a set of computerized identification and comparison technologies: fingerprint, face, voice, identikit, distinguishing marks, and personal data.

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  • Secunet

    Secunet is one of Germany's leading providers of superior IT security. The close partnership with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and our security partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany since 2004 are particular indicators of our comprehensive competence and trustworthiness:

    - From the very beginning, secunet's biometrics experts were part of every important committee for standardisations worldwide. Until today, they have particularly focused on practical issues and the development of holistic ID systems, secure and at the same time modern border control solutions and the guaranteed interoperability of eIDs.

    - SINA is secunet's flagship product line for the use in high security environments. The "Secure Inter-Network Architecture" enables the protected processing, storage, transfer and also a full audit trail of classified and sensitive information over open networks. Especially secunet's client system SINA Workstation enables highly secured data transport and storage for mobile users in classified environments.

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    Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is a trusted provider of secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions to central banks, governments and security printers. High-technology security inks are at the core of the company’s expertise, protecting the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud.

    As a leader in key security businesses, SICPA combines ink-based features with sophisticated identification and verification systems to offer fully integrated solutions designed for effective passport protection, control and data management at border crossings.
    Operating on five continents, SICPA is an international company providing innovative technologies and services to most nations worldwide.

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  • Thales

    Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transport markets.

    Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements.

    In Identity management, Thales proposes an end-to-end solution.

    The solution encompasses everything from collection of biometric data from individual citizens (enrolment) through to the creation and management of secure ID systems, databases, biometric identification (AFIS), production and personalization of secure documents.

    Thales expertise’ also include the Border Control domain where our solution enables government to use frontline equipment for the control of travelers (fix equipment, eGates, mobile stations…) as well as Central systems solutions to improve any Government regarding its border policies (Entry Exit system, Risk analysis through Big analytics)

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  • VFS Global

    VFS Global is the world’s largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments, including their diplomatic missions, worldwide. The company manages visa, passport and other identity credential issuance-related administrative and non-judgmental tasks for its client governments and in-country Citizen Services for governments and governmental bodies. VFS serves the interest of 48 client governments with over 1900 offices and service centres in 124 countries across five continents. This includes 22 EU Member States. The company has successfully processed over 110 million registrations/applications since it was established in 2001 and over 30 million biometric registrations/enrolments since 2007.

    In addition to our expertise in end-to-end registration and application services, the Company’s biometric capabilities extend across end-to-end Identity Management Solutions which are underpinned by world-leading encryption, data transmission and hosting facilities in a wide range of application areas, including Visas, Border and Migration Management, Passport and Driving Licence issuance, National Identity Programmes and Foreign National Resident Permits.

    This is supported by the presence of our first-class service delivery partner, an innovative identity solutions provider which can meet demanding logistical and technological requirements. Our partnership provides a combination of core competencies in the provision of secure documents supported by flexible and innovative systems and the fast and efficient processing of large volumes of applications/registrations. We bring together and provide infrastructure (registration/interviewing and enrolment facilities), people and technology within an integrated and managed service.

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  • Vision-Box™

    Vision-Box™ is the leading provider of electronic Identity Management solutions that use ICAO-compliant standards.

    Since the deployment of the first worldwide eGate to use biometric facial recognition, we have been blazing a path of success, offering advanced biometric-based solutions for Border Control, Identity Management and Surveillance applications, improving security, efficiency and revenue for Governments, Border Control Authorities, Airports, Airlines and other organizations in need for top-quality Identity Management solutions.

    Vision-Box™ operates over 1200 passenger experience solutions in more than 60 international airports and over 3,000 electronic identity solutions all over the world

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  • WCC Smart Search & Match

    WCC Smart Search & Match is the world’s leading supplier of search and match software solutions and services. Founded in 1996, WCC focuses on two specific solution areas: Identity matching and Employment matching. Its ELISE software platform excels in these areas because it searches and matches data in a unique way that yields more meaningful results than any other software. ELISE is designed to search through vast amounts of data from various sources and return relevant results in under a second. It will search and match data in almost any form, using advanced algorithms, contextual knowledge, and other proprietary expertise. The data can be exact or inexact, structured or unstructured, private or public, and combine multiple modalities, both biographic and biometric.

    WCC’s long-term experience in developing and supporting employment and identity matching solutions makes it an expert in these fields. WCC understands the business of its customers and knows how to optimize the effectiveness of searching and matching.

    WCC’s primary customers are government organizations and large enterprises worldwide. In Identity matching, WCC supplies solutions for border management, justice & public safety, and civil identity. In Employment matching, WCC supplies solutions to public employment services, staffing companies and large enterprises for their corporate HR.

    WCC is headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and also has offices in the USA.

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