• The future of migration

    Alexander Betts, Associate Professor, Oxford University-Refugee Studies Centre

  • Border Control in times of crisis: through the eyes of practitioners

    Gervais Appave, Special Policy Adviser, International Organization for Migration

    Ioanna Kotsioni, Migration Referent, Medicins Sans Frontieres-Greece
    Ilkka Laitinen, Executive Director, Frontex
    Henry Bolton, OBE Strategic Expert, Integrated Border Management, Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability Directorate, European External Action Service
    Angela Pria, Director General, Italian Ministry of the Interior- Department of Immigration, Operational Coordination and Civil Liberties

  • Border Control Priorities: Freedom or Security?

    Pawel Swieboda, Director, demosEuropa

    Tim Bohmann, Police Inspector, International Airport Cologne/Bonn, Germany
    Denis Cenusa, Student, College of Europe
    Romain Foucart, Student, College of Europe
    Laura Tihonova, Inspector of Ventspils section, State Border Guard Ventspils Board, Latvia

  • Known Unknowns

    Milo Jones, Professor/Managing Director, IE/Invenium Strategy

    Jonathan Cave, Senior Research Fellow/Professor, RAND Europe/Warwick University
    Rey Koslowski, Associate Professor, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy-Department of Political Science and Public Policy
    Antonio Saccone, Head of Sector, Frontex-Operational Analysis and Evaluation
    Sarah Webb, Senior Research Associate, Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International Ltd (PRCI)

  • EUROSUR and the future of border management

    Brooks Tigner, Chief Editor and Policy Analyst, SECURITY EUROPE

    Andrea Niculiu, Head of the International Relations and European Affairs Service, General inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police
    Rosa Maria Preteroti, Head of Division, Italian Ministry of the Interior- Risk Analysis and National Coordination Centre for Immigration
    Klaus Roesler, Director, Frontex-Operations Division
    Oliver Seiffarth, Policy officer for EUROSUR, European Commission